Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront
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Myths And Facts
About Waterfront Development


Myth#1: The proposed development will preserve our cherished views. Fact#1: View "corridors" mean blocked views; much of our panoramic vista of the Hudson River will be gone forever.
Myth#2: It's private property, so the developers can do what they want. Fact#2: The Township of Weehawken has rights superior to any rights of a private land owner. The Township has the right to plat the streets, dictate the land uses, building heights, and other zoning requirements. Weehawken Town Council has the right to change zoning requirements up to the time of decision.
Myth#3: It's too late to make zoning changes now that the application is submitted. Fact#3: The Town can change the applicable zoning at any time until the final appeal of the application, which could be several years from now. This is know as the "time of decision" rule.
Myth#4: The new "ratables" (additional property value to tax) will be good for the town's coffers.